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The purpose of the 2nd Electronic Conference for the Faculty of Pharmacy Graduate Program is to share the knowledge and experience of researchers and graduate students with research related to the broad health field, which cover topics related to the development or monitoring of health products and biology applied to health products. Also, it aims to enable the interaction of students and researchers with performance and skills that encompass the multi- and interdisciplinarity of health products.

This event is an initiative of the Graduate Program in Sciences Applied to Health Products (PPG-CAPS) of the Federal Fluminense University (UFF) supported by the Dean of Extension – PROEX. 

Members of event’s organizing committee

Luiza Rosaria Sousa Dias 

Estela Maris Freitas Muri

Selma Ribeiro de Paiva

Samanta Cardozo Mourão

Vanessa Naciuk Castelo Branco

Natália Lourenço de Almeida

Felipe Lopes Teixeira

Joana Lucius de Sousa Ribeiro 

 Patrícia de Castro Moreira Dias

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